Throughout my many years of experience in the field and during my personal journey of getting pregnant, I have had the pleasure of working with and meeting some of the most interesting, experienced, knowledgable, and incredible people in the industries of fertility and motherhood. Many of them will contribute to the blog, serve as a resource and others will be on the team of people who will be working at Union Square Play, where Mo’ Mommies lives. As we build this team, we will provide information about them and what they do here.

My expertise in the field comes not only from my education, years of experience personally and professionally, but in the RIE® Educaring approach founded by Magda Gerber. Much of my beliefs and philosophies are rooted in this approach and you can find an overview of it here . It is important to give Magda Gerber and the many RIE® practitioners who have learned from her, credit for the advice, guidance, and overall approach I take in guiding parents and babies.