Mo' Mommies will be the community that will bring more mommies and children 0-2 together using the Mo' Mommies online platform and various locations where we will house Mo' Mommies programming. The first being Union Square Play, a play studio will be a "home away from home" where there will be workshops, support groups, classes and thoughtful programming for both parents and children. Before the official launch of Union Square Play in Winter 2019, I will be curating classes and programming that has already begun. While we build the program, I will also have Mo' Mommies as an online resource and blog where parents can feel free to contact me directly for consulting, pop up classes, and information about Union Square Play!

Jennie Monness is the founder and creator of Mo' Mommies. She studied Psychology in Education and received her Master’s Degree from Teachers College, Columbia University. She completed the Foundations to RIE® course and is currently completing her practicum in the approach as well. The RIE® Educaring philosophy inspires much of her work and approach to parenting. She started her career as an early childhood teacher to two and three year olds for several years. She then became an Educational Director of a preschool for approximately 8 years before becoming the Center Director of Explore + Discover Early Learning Center. She most recently left her role at Explore + Discover to become a mom and to create Mo' Mommies.

Creating Mo' Mommies came from the love I have for not only infants and toddlers but for the mothers who bring them into this world. So many moms don’t know where to go or how to navigate this new role they are given. They spend their life planning on having children and then the day suddenly comes that they have one growing inside them. It can be an easy path there, or a more difficult one. Either way, the feeling is often, “now what?” Not only that, but 9-10 months later, their baby finally enters the world and moms need friends, support, encouragement and a safe, intimate setting to go to with their new babies.