Mo’ Essentials – Things we can’t live without

Mo’ Essentials – Things we can’t live without

All of these products are our absolute favorites. Most of them were chosen after a ton of troubleshooting and trying a bunch of different brands. As always, these are genuine recommendations but just know that they’re also products I would legitimately film commercials for because I believe in them that much haha. Happy shopping! Tag me if you buy and fall in love with them too!


Best straw cup for water. call me crazy but i’ve sipped from all of these cups. Some of them the water comes out too fast and dribbles out of Tess’s mouth, some it takes so much effort to sip from, for water, this is the perfect pace. Not too slow, and not too fast. Its also adorable.

Best straw cup for milk. see above, yes i’ve tried drinking from them all and this is the perfect resistance so that they’re not literally guzzling milk. Tess drank milk from a cup the first time I offered it to her in this cup and we never looked back to bottles, we just gradually kept dropping bottles because of this cup. We also drink juice and miralax from it. Anything but water.

Best snack cup. I tried them all and this was the best in terms of easiest to get their hands in and out of without crumbling or smushing snacks with an attached lid. Since my snack cup trial, someone told me about the munchkin with the attached lid, I going to be ordering and trying it but for now, we love the skip hop.

Best bibs for on the go. I like that these are foldable so they take up no space, you can just wipe them down when done and they also have a pocket, but I still love the silicone ones the best, because Tess eats from the pocket when she drops food down there. So I use these only when I don’t want to pack a lot.

Best silicone catcher bibs.

Best placemats for restaurants – they stick better than any others! I’ve tried A LOT of them. These are the best.

Best towels – they’re so unbelievably soft and they’re big! I had recommended others earlier on which we still have, but these are way softer.

Best washcloths – I always loved the under the nile ones, and still do, but after drying them a few times, they lose their softness, these stay soft eternally.

Best decorative chair – love it also because Tess loves to climb on it, its eco-friendly and will grow with her. Its also BEAUTIFUL.

Best pajamas. have tried every soft pajama. We LOVE kissy kissy but they run small and shrink easily. We love Esme but they’re not 100% cotton. We obviously love Carter’s, gap and Hana Anderson too but THESE are just the best. They’re so soft, fit so well, don’t shrink and last. I know they’re pricier, but you literally use pajamas 1000 times. They’re worth it. AND you can be twinsies because they have matching sets for mom and dad too. Great Valentine’s day gift 🙂

Best athleisure wear – we live in Hanna Andersson for when were just at home. Their long sleeve body suits fit well and are just comfy and I love the way their joggers fit too. All organic.

Best stroller bunting – Tess is legit a queen on her throne when we walk down the street because of this faux fur, amazingly warm bunting. Its a statement piece and worth every overpriced penny lol. We got navy with brown faux fur. I think its sold out but they have other colors.

BEST PRODUCT OF ALL TIME – infant carseat (although we are using it still at 14 months) THE DOONA.

Best diaper bag – the non diaper bag – the tote savvy insert, to make ANY bag a diaper bag.

Best sheets – i’m usually all for organic, until I felt these and went to heaven.

Best baskets for storage – they’re adorable and so inexpensive. We own more than I want to admit.

Pinch clip bows – Tess would’ve been mistaken as a boy her entire infanthood without these. They are easy to pinch clip so you can literally have a strand of hair and they’ll stay in and go in without a fuss.

The ultimate mother’s helper – JETBLACK this service makes everything I need just one text away. From baby products to household essentials (and literally everything in between), I can just text my shopping requests to Jetblack anytime day or night and consider it done. Jetblack is the easiest way for busy moms to shop for anything. It’s a membership-only shopping service powered by expert research and personal recommendations for things such as birthday gifts. I just simply text what I need and Jetblack will deliver it free. Its been my savior.

CODE for priority access off of the waitlist: Mommies01

I’ll keep adding as I think of more. But this is a good start before your husbands all ban you from Mo’ Mommies.