Swag in a Bag: Play for Planes

Swag in a Bag: Play for Planes

I know I know, why not just put your baby in front of a screen. If you’re like me, you try to avoid screen time or you reserve it for 5 am teething wake ups when you bring your baby in bed with you and need them to just calm the F down for 45 more minutes. Regardless, if you travel a lot, you don’t want to have to just bank on screen time, and there’s so many other options. With these open ended materials, you can have endless play opportunities for plane rides that also translate to play time in hotels, beaches, on the go, and virtually for anywhere. Also, none of this takes up much space and its fine if you lose any of it.

  1. Post it sheets – these sheets come with all different sized stickies, I’d recommend this for any age starting at 12 months and older.

  2. Hair tie/roller things – they’re chewy, come with so many in a set, and provide endless opportunity for fine motor play. Link them, twist them, squish them.

  3. Color forms I also like these because this is what we watch at 5 am teething sessions. Color forms are so 90’s and remind me of my childhood. Make sure not to get small sized pieces because babies will be sure to devour them. They stick on airplane windows, hotel mirrors and basically anywhere.

  4. Magnets and use them on a magnetic surface like a cookie tin (which can also be used to store the magnets and conserve space)

  5. Cookie tin. Mine is from Saint Ambroeus but these are cute too.

  6. Shutterfly books or coasters. Make a mini book of familiar people in your child’s life or of memories your child will enjoy looking at. Coasters are fun for games, like a matching game or younger babies can learn to say the names of the people in the photos.

  7. Craft tape.

  8. Pocket books. I’ve mentioned these a million times. They’re amazing. They fit in your diaper bag, they’re lift the flap books and they have real photographs vs. illustrations which help young children make connections between the book and real things in the world.

  9. Velcro hair rollers and velcro paddles. They’ll have a field day sticking the rollers to the paddles, to the chairs, or if your baby is like mine, to your hair. Then you also have a fun beach game with you (also very 90’s but the most fun game ever, you’ll wonder why it isn’t more popular on the beach in 2019).

  10. Tote Savvy to fit it all!