2018, what a dream

2018, what a dream

2018 was the most monumental year of my life so far. A year of so much, that I could not have accomplished had I not had other moms by my side. It was because of the community of moms that I’ve surrounded myself with both through Mo’ Mommies, and in my personal life, that I not only survived my first year as a mom, but also managed to follow my dreams and somehow make them happen.

2018 was-

1 year of the hardest, but most rewarding

1 year of the scariest, but the most courageous

1 year of the most exhausting, but the most fulfilling

1 year of the most overwhelming, but the most exhilarating

1 year of the most impossible, but the most intuitive

1 year of the most desperate, but the most empowering days of my life.

The way I got through each day was with the help of other moms. Whether it was figuring out breast feeding, work life balance, constipation issues, or teething woes, I looked to the moms around me. I couldn’t think of a better way to fill my days other than forming this powerful mom community for others that was so instrumental for me.

a note to Tess…

Before you were here, I never imagined I’d leave your side. Before you were here, I quit my job and didn’t plan on going back. Being your mom was all that I wanted. But then, in just the first year of your life, you inspired me to follow my dreams. You let me see you discover the world out of your own volition. I felt strongly about sharing it with other new moms hoping it would give them confidence to do the same. You helped so many other moms know that they’re not alone (and that they, too, can have difficult babies and survive lol)! In 2018, because of you, I was able to meet mom friends who have helped me in my hardest hours. I was determined to spread the gospel and so I started classes for moms and their new babies. In one of those classes, I met a mom and together we created Union Square Play.  A place that became my village and that I hope will become the same for so many others.

With Mo’ Mommies by our side, we can do anything.

I want to wish a Happy New Year to my mom tribe, all of you, you all made it possible.